I work as a consultant in a variety of situations: curriculum design, scholarly editing, manuscript evaluation, ritual documentation, ritual construction, video and film production, and theatre.




Task, Production

University of Oslo Advisory board 2009 – 2012 Religion in Pluralistic Societies (PLUREL)
University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus Advisory board 2009 – 2011 Exeter Centre for Literatures of Identity, Place, and Sustainability
University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance Curriculum design consultant 2008- 2009
  • M.A. in Festive Arts
  • M.A. in Ritual and Song
University of Colorado, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Master workshop  for doctoral fellows, Media, Religion, and Culture Center 2004  
Northern Lights and Ocean Entertainment, Halifax, for Vision TV Consultant, interviewee, and content advisor 2001 – 2003 Three-part film series, Reinventing Ritual, directed by Sonya Jampolsky, produced by Johanna Eliot: 1. Coming of Age, 47 min. 2. Marriage and Divorce, 47 min. 3. Birth and Death, 47 min.
Pro Media International, Toronto, for CBC TV Consultant and content advisor for the pilot 2003 Human Rites, Hamlin Grange and Cynthia Reyes, producers, 47 min. Film series pilot.
WordBridge  [a playwrighting lab] Resource artist 2001 Ritual and playwrighting
Sleeping Giant Productions, Toronto Consultant and interviewee 1999 Film series: Death: A Personal Understanding, episode 9, Death Rituals
Sundance Institute, Playwrights Lab Consultant 1996, 1997 Ritual in theatre
Quotidian Independent Documentary Research, Santa Fe, NM, Consultant 1992 Gathering Up Again: Fiesta in Santa Fe, Jeanette DeBouzek and Diane Reyna, dirs., 46 min.
Canadian Museum of Civilization Consultant   Ritual and performance and museum space
Glenbow Museum Consultant   The display of sacred objects
Minnesota Humanities Commission Consultant   Rites of passage in public schools
University of Colorado, Religious Studies Consultant   Ph.D. program proposal
UNESCO and the Polish Theatre Laboratory, Jerzy Grotowski, dir. Invited participant 1980 Theatre of Sources Project (international experiment in ritual and theatre)
Center for Documentation and Preservation of Places of Worship Consultant   The display of sacred objects
University of Wisconsin Arboretum Consultant   Ritual and ecology
Society for Ecological Restoration Consultant   Ritual and the environment
American Bible Society Consultant on religion, art, and the multimedia Bible   The Neighbor (a video)
Cranbrook Institute of Science Content advisor   Celebrations: Cycles of Human Life
British Broadcasting Corp (BBC IV) Interviewee   Ritual and science
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) Interviewee on seasonal rites   Tapestry
National Public Radio (NPR) Interviewee on seasonal rites   Talk of the Nation
National Public Radio (NPR) Interviewee on rites of passage  2001 The Infinite Mind
Public Radio International (PRI) Interviewee on ritual and adolescence   To the Best of Our Knowledge
Arts & Entertainment (A&E), FilmRoos Interviewee and consultant   Ancient Mysteries:  “Sacred Rites and Rituals”
McMaster University, Religious Studies Consultant   Cross-cultural teaching
Oxford University Press Manuscript assessment    
Cambridge University Press Manuscript assessment    
Princeton University Press Manuscript assessment    
Harper & Row Press Manuscript assessment    
Routledge Press Manuscript assessment    
State University of New York Press Manuscript assessment    
 Wilfrid Laurier University Press Manuscript assessment    
University of New Mexico Press Manuscript assessment    
National Endowment for the Humanities Project proposals    
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Project proposals    
National Science Foundation Project proposals